Provides a method of placing various flow control device in the completion string

Landing nipples are profiled subs typically run below retrievable

or permanent packers that provide a method of placing various flow

control devices in the completion string.

Landing nipples feature an internal seal-bore and profile to accept a

locking device to anchor flow control accessories. Seal-bores and

lock profiles are machined to match a variety of connection systems

and are available full-opening or slightly restricted with a no-go to

provide a positive stop for a flow control device.

Landing nipple are sized to match tubing sizes, while seal-bore sizes are

available to match a variety of weights and connection systems.


Type Profile Specification
Tubing Size (in) Seal-bore ID (in) Profile No-go ID (in) Standard OD (in)
3 1/2 2.807 2.814 5.011
4 1/2 3.812 3.812 6.385
5 3.812 3.879 6.385
7 5.950 6 8.976
7 5.963 6 8.976