The anchor tubing seal assembly is used as an alternative to set-down weight; it prevents seal movement or is used when it is preferable to land the tubing in tension. The anchor tubing seal assembly or anchor tubing seal nipple is run in on the production string. Set-down weight causes the anchor's threaded latch to engage the corresponding threads in the top of the packer. Once engaged, the anchor and tubing are securely locked in place.

Any tubing contraction will cause a tensile load to be applied to the tubing string. Care must be taken to ensure tensile forces that develop will not part the tubing whenever an anchor is used. To release the anchor, it must be rotated to the right 10 to 12 turns at the packer.

Many variations to the anchor tubing seal assembly exist to fulfill special requirements, such as: snap-latch, latch-in shear release, snap-in/snap-out set-down activated-shear release, annular pressure release and tubing pressure release, solid-nut and punch release.

Anchor Latch Assembly Specification
Size (in) Max. OD (in) Min. ID (in) Rating For 80000 YS Material
Pressure (Psi) Set Down (Lbs)
4 1/2 4.98 3.25 5,000 2500-3500
4 1/2 5.5 3.875 5,000 2500-3500
4 1/2 6.69 3.15 5,000 2500-3500
4 1/2 5.9 3.826 10,000 2500-3500
5-1/2 5.12 3.25 5,000 2500-3500




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