Establishes communication between

the tubing and the casing


The sliding sleeve is a tubing run, mechanically

shifted sleeve used in production tubing to establish

communication between the tubing and the casing.

The sleeve facilitates production of several zones

through one tubing string and allows zone-specific

tasks to the performed, including testing and


The sliding sleeve opens and closes using conventional

wireline shifting equipment.


Tubing Size Seal bore ID (in) Max. OD (in) Model Connection
3 1/2 2.756 4.53 K-OXX Premium
4 1/2 3.313 5.31 K-CMD Premium
4 1/2 3.313 5.8 K-CMD Premium
4 1/2 3.688 5.31 K-CMD Premium
5 1/2 4.562 6.69 K-CMD Premium