Provide a larger ID below series packers to

protect the seals and to accept the packer

retrieving sub of a milling tool

Mill-out extension is used when floating seals are required

in completion using seal-bore packer series. Mill-out

extensions provide a larger ID below the packer to protect

the seals. The larger ID is also useful when a packer milling

and retrieving tool is employed. The extension ID must be

greater than the packer ID to furnish an adequate shoulder

for retrieving the packer after the milling procedure is

completed. Extensions are assembled onto the lower end of

the millable seal-bore packer and run into the hole.

KSA mill-out extensions are supplied on a box-by-box

configuration in 6 ft length.


Mill-out Extension Specification
Size (in) Max. OD (in) Min. ID (in) Length (ft) Pressure Rating (Psi) Connection
7 7 6.184 6 5000 Premium
7 7.656 6.184 6 5000 Premium
5 5.039 4.264 8 5000 Premium
4 1/2 5 3.827 6 10000 Premium