Calendar of Honors

Kherad Sanat Arvand Company


Regarding the impact of Iran’s sanctions on commodity trade and services at global upstream oil sector, Kherad Sanat Arvand Company was registered in 2007 aiming at production and exploitation of strategic accessories in drilling services in Arvand Free Zone. The calendar performance of the company for expanding the company’s freedom of maneuver appears in the file attached.


Casing accessories

  1. 1.(10/18/2007): Field test and procedures for confirmation of CENTRALIZER samples at Rig No.47, Well No.41, Ab-Teymour Oil Field.
  2. (2/19/2008): Entering the operational phase with confirmation of SHOE & COLLAR samples at Well Ghaleh-Nar No.10, Rig No.44.

Down hole Completion

  1. 1.(1/23/2008): Three field tests of the 1st Down-Hole Completion tools including LANDING NIPPLE & LOCK MANDREL.
  2. (10/3/2008): Field test of the 1st Iranian PACKER & ANCHOR TUBING SEAL in the oil & gas industry at the Well No. 418, Ahvaz.
  3. (4/15/2009): Field test of the 1st SLIDING SIDE DOOR at the size of 4-1/2" at the Well Golkhari No.10, Rig No. 52.
  4. (4/19/2009): Field test of the first TRAVELING JOINT at the Well Pazanan No.124.
  5. (7/25/2010): The Minutes No.187 of the drilling standards technical committee confirmation for the Kherad Sanat Arvand Company as the manufacturer of Down-Hole Completion equipments.
  6. (6/30/2015): Sliding the 1st job by Kherad Sanat Arvand (Aria Haffaran Tolou Karoon) in the Well No.468, Rig 201, Ahvaz.


  1. 1.(10/1/ 2012): Field test of the first WIPSTOCK at Rig No.13, Well Ghadr No.127, Aghajari oil field.

Conductor Pipe30" 30"

  1. (12/4/2013): Positive efficiency of threads RL-4 of 30" pipes in the Wells HE-02 at Hengam oil field and Wells HD-13 at Hendijan oil field.

Mud Line Suspicion

  1. 1. (8/2/2014): Field test of the 1st MLS equipments in the Well No. HE-2 & HE-3 at the Hengam joint oil field.


  1. (4/12/2016): Field test of the 1st Iranian SAND CONTROL PACKER, Doroud oil field, Well no. D-131.


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