Hydrostatic-Set Single-String Retrievable Packers

Type FH and FHL

The FH™ is, hydrostatic-set and shear-release single-string retrievable packer. It can be used in the following applications: production, injection, and zonal isolation; single-string selective completions or dual-string completions with multiple packers;

 deviated wells or other applications when rotation for installation or removal is not beneficial; when it is beneficial to displace and set packers after the well is flanged up; when testing the tubing string before packer setting or to independently set and test individual packers in multiple-packer completions is beneficial.


FH and FHL Packers Specification
Casing Packer
OD (in) Weight (lb/ft) Nom ID (in) Max Gage Ring OD (in)
7 26-29 2.416 5.983
9 5/8 47-53.5 3 8.608



The FH packer is hydraulically activated by applying tubing pressure against a plugging device below the packer. The packer requires only straight pull to release. The FHL™ is the large-bore version of the FH packer. Features, advantages and operational procedures are the same as those for the FH packers.