Conventional Modular Packer

The MRP conventional modular packer is

used in vertical and deviated wellbores.

A modular shell and body design for

low-to-medium pressure differentials

allows configuration as a single-string

production packer. Its compact, modular

design makes the MRP packer an

economical choice for production


The MRP packer is installed with the

completion tubing and is set by applying

pressure to the tubing. Retrieval of the

MRP packer is accomplished with a

straight upward pull on the tubing.

Once the tension on the tubing string

exceeds the shear value of the release

pins, the slips disengage the casing and

the element relaxes. Set at the factory to

a standard value, the packer shear-release

mechanism can be adjusted in the field

just before installation.   


MRP Conventional Modular Packer Specification
Casing Size (in) Casing Weight Range (lbm/ft) Max. OD (in) Nominal ID (in) Max. Working Temp (F) Differential Pressure Rating (Psi)
9 5/8 47-53.5 8.35 3.910 280 5000
7 29-32 5.910 2.992 280 5000