Flow couplings are used to protect the integrity of tubing

from erosive turbulence. They are also used above and

below a geometric restriction in the flow path,

depending on the well conditions. API Recommended

Practices 14B advises use of flow couplings above

and below safety valves.

Baker Hughes offers flow couplings in 4-ft.

(1.22-m), 6-ft. (1.83-m), 8-ft.

(2.45-m) and 10-ft. (3.05-m) lengths to suit the application.



Flow Coupling Specification



Min. ID (in) Max. OD (in) Standard Length (ft) Connection
7 6.184 7.656 6 & 20 Premium
5 4.267 5.500 6 Premium
4 1/2 3.64 5.000 4 Premium