Sub Surface Safety Valve (Tubing Retrievable)


The tubing retrievable, surface controlled, sub surface safety valve

featured rod piston actuation; metal to metal seal body joints;

a rugged flapper-closure mechanism and a minimum number of

critical, static and dynamic seals to ensure maximum reliability.

These valves use a single rod piston with spring energized, filled

Teflon sealing elements; a static, full-closed. Metal to metal seal;

and a static, fully open seal and centralizing system. The flapper

mechanism also has full metal-to-metal sealing plus a secondary

soft seat, and it meets a leakage-acceptance criterion seat is

substantially more stringent than API and ISO specification.




TRSSSV Specification
Tubing Size(in) Valve Type Max. OD (in) Nipple Bore (in) Working Pressure (Psi) Connection
4 1/2 TRMAXX 6.923 2.75 5000 Premium